Two months in

I actually can’t believe it, I can finally see a difference in my skin. I’m no longer breaking out each day and to celebrate without jinxing myself, I haven’t had a breakout in a week and I haven’t gone that long without a spot in 12 months. Apart from the joy of the breakouts slowing […]

Getting out of your comfort zone

I feel so lucky that I got to grow up in New Zealand, but I must say I always felt like I had never really been forced out of my comfort zone and always felt a little lost at what I really wanted to do with my life. After finishing college I didn’t have a […]

January 2018 Beauty & Fashion Favourites

My January beauty and fashion favourites have been influenced by the relaxed summer month, which included a couple of holidays so I got to be nice and relaxed when it came to clothes and also put my Christmas presents to good use. Let’s start with Fashion; 1. Zara Jeans You may recognise these jeans from […]