How to ace the phone interview!

Woohoo, your cover letter and CV have made an impression, you have succeeded through the first round and its now time to participate in a phone interview. Now is the time to wow the person and if you don’t, there will be no more rounds. Check out my tips below to make sure you are […]

2018 Beauty Favourites

It’s always exciting to look back at the last year and see what products I’m still loving especially after spending half of the year on Roaccutane. So the first half of the year my skin was super dry and sensitive so I had to be super careful about what products I used, I couldn’t even wear […]

Setting Goals & Resolutions

I swear every new year I come up with some new resolutions that get me super excited for the year and then I get back to work, back into my life routine and bam they are all out the window. I remember sitting at my desk back in November and really questioning 2018 and how […]

When your year doesn’t go to plan!

Wow I can’t believe we are in 2019! It seems like only yesterday we were heading into 2018, which seemed like a year of so many possibilities. Unfortunately, it was one of my toughest years yet. I lost someone very close to me, had so many promises broken to me regarding my career and my […]