A long weekend in Melbourne


I had never been to Melbourne before, whenever I decided to go over to Australia for a shopping trip or concert I always headed to Sydney. So when my partner said we should go to the Australian Open I jumped at the chance to finally explore Melbourne.

We spent all day Saturday at the tennis, which I must say I am surprised at who much I enjoyed it and much to Brad’s enjoyment I can now say I am a tennis fan.

On Sunday we went to the South Melbourne market. I had a delicious acai bowl and explored the stalls. We then went out to Brighton Beach and had a look at the Brighton Bathing Boxes, which were so cool with all the different colours and I had to get the tourist shot. That evening was our final night of tennis, so before we headed back to the arena we popped to Lui Bar for a cocktail and to see the amazing view of the city and went to South Bank for dinner.


 Monday was our last day and our real first day at being able to explore the city. We went to Kettle black for brunch, which is a cool hipster style cafe in a terrace in the city. We then wondered to the Art Gallary and to Bourke Street for shopping, which was rather quick as Brad was a bit bored.

That night we caught up with our friends we were staying with for dinner at Rice Paper Scissors and then on the way back to theirs, we had to stop off for two more tourist photos at The Flinders Street Station and at one of the Graffiti Laneways.

I am now in love with Melbourne, it may have won my heart off Sydney. Its such an easy city to explore, as all you need to do is jump on the tram. The food is amazing and not that expensive. I’m not looking forward to making another trip there and exploring even more of what the city has to offer xx.

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