How to Prepare for the Job Interview!

We all know how hard it is to prepare for the job interview, especially when its a job that you really want! Check out these five tips below that will make you extra ready for the interview. For the basics check out my post called Be Interview Ready! Remember to be yourself, and you have […]

How to ace the phone interview!

Woohoo, your cover letter and CV have made an impression, you have succeeded through the first round and its now time to participate in a phone interview. Now is the time to wow the person and if you don’t, there will be no more rounds. Check out my tips below to make sure you are […]

Tips to master your cover letter!

We all know that its hard to master your cover letter and you end up putting so much pressure on yourself. It’s the first impression that a potential employer will get of you, so you want to highlight your skills and your personality while making sure you stand out from the others so your CV […]

Be Interview Ready!

So you have received the phone call to schedule you in for the interview, first of all, a BIG congratulations since you have passed the first step. Now it’s time to make sure you ace the interview! STEP 1: MAKE SURE YOU RESEARCH THE COMPANY!  Check out their website, Linkedin Page and google them to […]