December 2017 Beauty & Fashion favourites


Overall I am really happy with my beauty and fashion favourites for December. I must say I’m pretty impressed that none of my fashion favourites are black, this is pretty big for me as its a colour I wear most days. My beauty favourites have been influenced by me starting Roaccutane as they are all for really dry skin and for skin protection. I really don’t think my skin would be surviving without any of these products.


Let’s start with Fashion;

1. Hole-embroidered cotton blouse from h&m

I spotted this top on the mannequin as I walked past the store and I couldn’t help myself. It was slightly more expensive than I anticipated but I have had so much wear out of it that I’m happy I got it. I love pairing it with a black bar and denim shorts for casual and then for work popping a white singlet underneath and then some black jeans and heels.

2. Ambrose Flats in Nude from Witchery

These shoes are gorgeous and super comfy. I love wearing them to work when I know I have a lot of walking to do. I’m also happy with the colour, even though I am worried about keeping them clean as it does show everything, but it is nice wearing a shoe that isn’t black.

3. Seed Heritage Brown Bag

The theme is continuing on as this is the first bag that I have bought myself that isn’t black. It very quickly became my go-to weekend bag as its too small for me to take everything to work in. I love how you can wear it on your shoulder or carry it but its circle handles.


Now for beauty;

1. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream

This has been a lifesaver for my lips and the cracks at the side of my mouth. I feel like I am applying it a hundred times a day and have already started my second tube.

2. Mecca Cosmetica To Save Face Superscreen SPF 50+

This is the best SPF for my face that I have ever used. Its super hydrating and it doesn’t affect your makeups staying power at all.

3. Cetaphil Moisturising Cream

After starting Roaccutane the first thing I needed to replace was my moisturiser as the one I had been using was oil free and my skin needed something more moisturising. After talking to my girlfriend who has super dry, sensitive skin I decided to give the Cetaphil Moisturising Cream a go and grabbed the one with a focus on dry, sensitive skin. Straight away I noticed how amazing this stuff is. Its super affordable and my skin is loving it.


I hope you enjoyed my December favourites and I would love to know yours.I also can’t believe we are in 2018 already! xx

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