February 2018 Beauty & Fashion Favourites


I feel like this year is going way too fast and can’t believe its March already…slow down 2018! February has been a crazy month, I’ve been super busy with work and doing a bit of travel, which has influenced my fashion items. My skin has also started improving, so I’ve changed up my makeup and let it be a bit more natural.

Let’s start with Fashion;

1. Cluse Watch in Rose Gold

This was my first non-silver jewellery purchase for myself in years and it has now become the watch I wear every day. I bought it for myself as a treat for my first successful business deal and wanted something that was simple yet elegant and would last a long time.


2. Status Anxiety – Wasteland Black/Fur Bag

I received this bag for my 26th birthday and it had been on my wishlist for a while. I used it nearly every day for work until I noticed that the fur was coming off, so I put it away for safekeeping. Then about four months ago I decided I wanted to start using it again, so I contacted Status Anxiety to see what they recommended doing. They said that if I had contacted them within 12 months of purchase, which had just recently passed they would have given me a new one. Instead they offered me 50% off a similar bag. But since I love this bag so much I decided to keep using it and now I make sure that I put the damaged side of my body so that the other side stays intact. This is the perfect bag for work as you can fit so much it in, especially when making business day trips.

3. Pink Denim Skirt from Country Road

This skirt was given to me by a girlfriend when she was cleaning out her wardrobe and I instantly fell in love with it. I first tried wearing it during my Thailand trip, but as I sat down the button flew off as it was a bit tight. But since I have gotten into my running my hips and tummy have got a bit smaller so I got a new button on and it fits perfectly. I love how I can dress it up or down and it is really comfortable and the fact that its pink is a bonus. My favourite way to wear it is with a white t-shirt, white sneakers and if it’s a bit chilly my leather jacket.


Now onto Beauty;

1.    Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser

Since my skin has finally stopped breaking out and its starting to heal. I’m starting to feel confident enough to not have to wear a foundation every day as I felt like I needed to have a mask over my skin. Over the years I have tried a few tinted moisturisers, but I never felt like I got any sort of coverage from them, so I always felt like they were more for weekends or people with perfect skin. After reading some blogs on the Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser and all the good things that were being said about it, I decided to give it a try and thought it would be good to experiment with it and take it on holiday with me as that’s the only time I felt comfortable enough not to wear a foundation. While travelling I loved how it made my skin feel, but as soon as I returned to New Zealand I popped in back into my makeup draw and would occasionally use it on the weekends if I felt my skin was having an okay day. From my last skin update I noticed a huge change in my skin so I decided to let my skin breathe a bit more and started using it every day. I even feel like I am getting enough coverage for work. I just apply it with my fingers, blend in with a beauty blender, pop on my concealer and a bit of powder and my skin looks great.


2.    Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

This concealer has been my go-to concealer for the past year and my love for it is still going strong. I think I’m onto my seventh one and honestly, for its price point, I can’t fault it. The concealer covers spots well and also is hydrating enough to go under the eyes without going cakey.

3.    Mario Badescu Glycolic Eye Cream

This eye cream has been a new find for me as I’ve been stealing it from my boyfriend. He first started using it when I bought him the Mario Badescu Anti-Aging Kit. He has really sensitive skin and is so fussy about what he will put on it, so when he asked me to repurchase the eye cream I knew it might be good so at night I have been using it. I like how it’s oily as it keeps my under eye hydrated, which is what I need as I don’t want that area drying out like rest of my face.

I hope you all have a fabulous March and let me know what have been your beauty and fashion favourites for the month xx.

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