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I swear this is the toughest month I have had on Roaccutane. My skin is looking amazing, and I have started receiving comments about how great it’s looking. But the dryness is the worse its ever been. My lips are so raw and cracked in the corner that I can’t even open my mouth wide enough to bite into a sandwich.

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I was relieved that this month was my catch up with my Dermatologist. He said that there had been a big improvement in my skin and I hopefully only need to be on it for three more months, woohoo! I’m not allowed to come off it too early as there is a high chance that my skin would go back to how it was at the start. He also said he is a bit worried about possible scarring, but this can be addressed when I come off it, and the drug has fully left my system. He also noticed how bad my lips and the corners of my mouth are, so prescribed me Hydrocortisone 1% Emulsifying Oil.

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My feet are still screwed, and all I’ve been able to wear are slides as they don’t rub against any of my skin, so no blisters. I’m also not risking wearing other shoes as I need to get all my blisters sorted before winter starts as I don’t want my toes out.

My body is still super dry, and I’m still getting nose bleeds, but I’m happy that I am half way through this. The countdown has started xx.

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