January 2018 Beauty & Fashion Favourites


My January beauty and fashion favourites have been influenced by the relaxed summer month, which included a couple of holidays so I got to be nice and relaxed when it came to clothes and also put my Christmas presents to good use.


Let’s start with Fashion;

1. Zara Jeans

You may recognise these jeans from the photos in my December Favourites post as they have been my go-to jeans for the last couple of months. I love how they are super comfy and you can pair with them with a t-shirt when travelling like I did when flying to Melbourne and road tripping to Queenstown. But I also love how you can put on a pair of heels and a more dressy top and then you can wear them out to dinner. My only downside to these jeans is that after a few hours of wear they do get loose especially around the knee but otherwise no complaints.

2. H&M Lemon Tee

I have had so much wear out of this tee since purchasing it back in September. I love wearing it with a pair of my Levi shorts or a pair of jeans. It’s my go-to tee when relaxing around the house or travelling or even on casual Friday in the office.

3. Ray Ban Sunglasses

These sunglasses have been on my wishlist for a while, especially after seeing Emma Hill from EJ Style rock them in so many of her vlogs. I was super happy when my parents got them for me for Christmas and I haven’t stopped wearing them since.


Now for beauty;

1. Too Faced Best Year Ever 2018 Palette

Another Christmas gift, this time from my sister. Since I can’t play around with lipsticks due to my lips being so dry from Roaccutane my sister thought I would like to try different eyeshadows instead and I must say she was right. I have really enjoyed being able to try different looks and it has got me back into loving makeup. I love how the palette has 15 colours to pick from. My current favourites are Secret Santa, Wrap It Up, Dollhouse and Good As Gold.


2. Frank Body Lip Balm in Send Nudes and Cherry Bomb

These lip balms have been a lifesaver when it comes to going out at night and wanting a bit of colour on my lips. They are super moisturising, but I still can’t wear them every day as they aren’t hydrating enough for Roaccutane lips. It is really nice being able to pop on a slight bit of colour to make me feel a bit more dressed up at night.

3. Watermelon Cooling Eyepads from Sports Girl

These eye pads are amazing. I put them in the fridge for 40 to 60 minutes before using them, then I lie down on the couch and pop them on and they feel incredible! They have made a difference to my tired, puffy eyes and I love just lying there relaxing while they are on. Such a good buy for only $4.95. They also help with the soreness that I get in my eyes from the Roaccutane.

I hope you enjoyed my January favourites and I would love to know yours xx.

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