My first month on Roaccutane


I can’t believe I have finished my first month on Roaccutane, it feels like it’ been a long month of dry skin and I’m counting down to when my skin will stop breaking out.

At first, I started on 20mg and then after a couple of weeks doubled my dose to 40mg. Within the first couple of days, my lips were so dry and sore. I would wake up in the morning with swollen lips, which I think was being caused by me licking them in the night to try and keep them hydrated.

My face was no longer shiny and I could feel it becoming dry and stiff,  I had to stop using my go-to cleanser, toner and moisturiser as my skin would sting when putting them on and they were not hydrating enough. So I said goodbye to all those products and after talking to my girlfriend with sensitive skin switched to the Cetaphil Cleanser and Moisturiser for dry sensitive skin and started using the Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater as a toner.


Within the week there was a purge and I broke out with huge sore pimples all over my cheeks and the corner of my mouth started cracking and ripping that it hurts to eat and open wide. I’m putting lots of eight-hour cream on it and it helps a little bit but isn’t preventing or stopping it from happening.

One benefit I have noticed is that my sculpt is super dry so I only have to wash it once a week. The downside to this is that it’s super dry and sensitive so I have to try and stop myself from itching it.

I’m still currently breaking out, just not every day, so it will be interesting to see when this stop. xx

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