My Goals for 2018


For 2018 I wanted to set goals that are reachable and I won’t give up halfway through the year. My main focus this year is to really focus on me and really become the happy, positive, outgoing person I want to be.

1.     Eat healthier and exercise

This is pretty much a generic goal for a lot of people, but I’m sick of feeling tired and I know that this year is going to be super busy and I don’t want to burn out. My plan is to stick to a good exercise routine which will involve going to the gym twice a week and running 2 to 3 times as well. I also want to make sure I cook as many meals as possible and not buy my lunch as often as well as drinking a minimum of 2 litres of water a day.

2.     Run a half marathon

This goal will really help keep me motivated with running as I love having something I am working towards. It also helps that my girlfriend is keen to work towards this goal as well so even more motivation.

3.     Be more present

Sometimes I feel like I focus way too much on the future instead of living in the now. Don’t get me wrong I will still work towards my future goals but I want to be more present in the now.


4.     More ‘me’ time

I want to look after myself more this year, along with my health and exercise I want to take time out, which can involve going to get my nails done once a month, reading a book each month and making sure I am happy. I also want to make sure I spend more time with my boyfriend, family and girlfriends.

5.     Stop the self-doubt

I really want to stop overthinking everything and worrying about what other people think of me. I feel like this may be one of the hardest goals to achieve as it will involve a lot of self-work but I believe I can do it.

So, here’s to an amazing 2018 for us all!  I would love to know what are your goals for 2018? And do you manage to achieve them each year? xx

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