My top 5 Blazers

Photography by Brad Winder


Blazers are a wardrobe essential and an item that I wear most days to work. I love how when you wear one it instantly dresses up your outfit, even with a basic pair of jeans and sneakers. Check out my top 5 blazers below.

1. Checkered Blazer from Witchery

My checkered blazer has been my go-to since I purchased it in November. I feel like it goes with everything. For work, I mostly pair with my black skinny jeans or work pants, but then on casual Friday or the weekend, I love to wear it with my MOM jeans, white jeans or even my ripped jeans.


2. Red Blazer from Witchery

I spotted this blazer a few months before I ended up purchasing it. I thought it was gorgeous but was a bit worried that it was too out there for me. But I ended up not being able to get it out of my head, so I decided to treat myself to it and I have no regrets. I feel like this blazer just gives me confidence, I think rocking a bright red brings it out in you. Its also a very flattery shape so is a good blazer to wear to work and on evenings out. It’s not a blazer that I wear casually as its a bit more out there.


3. Black Blazer from Trenery

A black blazer is a wardrobe must and I recommend investing in one that fits you well as you will be wearing it for years. I’ve had this blazer since I graduated university six years ago and its still in good condition. My one piece of advice would be to buy one that looks great for work but can also be worn casually.


4. White Blazer from H&M

I am a huge fan of neutral colours, so a white blazer goes with everything in my wardrobe. Its a good blazer for work and I also like to wear it on evenings out. My only issue with this blazer is that it gets dirty very quickly. I also noticed that my handbag strap has been leaving a mark on the shoulder.


5. Colourful Blazer from TopShop

This was always my out their blazer that I felt would make me stand out in the crowd and give me a confidence boost, but since getting my red blazer its switched around. I love the pattern and colours on the blazer and it looks great when paired with a bright pink lip.


What are your favourite blazers? xx

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