Weekend in Wellington

I grew up in Wellington and it’s such a cool little city and I recommend visiting if you get the chance. I get to go up a wee bit for work but hadn’t spent a weekend up there since my sister’s wedding, which was over a year ago. This time I was going up for […]

6 months in

I thought I would give you one more skin update as I’m off to see my Dermatologist this week and I’m hoping this means I can come off Roaccutane. The last couple of months I have seen a big improvement. My skin is feeling and looking great, and I’ve left the house a few times […]

April 2018 Beauty & Fashion Favourites

My beauty favourites for April are all new products that I’ve tested and fallen in love with, so they have replaced my old go to cleanser, mascara and blush. For fashion, a couple of them are new items and one is a pair of jeans that I believe I am currently on my fourth pair […]

Day trip to Akaroa

Akaroa is a small town about an hour’s drive from where I live in Christchurch. It’s a resort town, where you can go swimming with dolphins, boating, hiking and it has lots of cafes and restaurants. My boyfriend Brad and I decided to head over there for the day before winter sets in as in […]

My favourite Met Gala looks

I was so excited to for the Met Gala this year. I was excited to see how the theme “Heavenly Bodies’ was going to be embraced by my favourite actresses, singers and supermodels. I’ve managed to break it down to my top five favourite looks, let me know your thoughts and who was your favourite? […]

Everyday Makeup for Work

My focus on my makeup for work is my eyes; it used to be my lips as I am such a lipstick girl but since my lips are too dry for any lipstick I have started experimenting with my eyes. I got into putting different colours on my eyes after using the Too Faced Best […]

Nearly at the finish line

I can’t believe I am so close to being finished, I do feel like its going to be a testing last couple of months especially as winter kicks in and my skin gets even drier. We had our first cold snap and my lips got so dry they started bleeding, and chunks of skin were […]

March 2018 Beauty & Fashion Favourites

March was a hard month to dress for, as autumn usually is. One day it was 27 degrees and the next day it was 10 degrees so deciding what to wear was hard and I didn’t want to swap out my summer wardrobe yet with my winter clothes so I had to make do with […]

A Wicked Saturday

As soon as I heard that Wicked was coming to Christchurch, I got so excited and knew that I had to go. So, in the end, my sister, her husband, our parents and my boyfriend Brad decided to go together. I was also due for my Mecca Cosmetica Beauty Loop Makeover, so I booked in […]

Trying to live a balanced life

I feel like 2018 has been such a busy year and we are only in March. I’ve had a stressful first couple of months with losing someone I loved and trying to set up some exciting but stressful business opportunities, which to be honest has left me feeling a bit burnt out. So I’ve started […]