Halfway there

I swear this is the toughest month I have had on Roaccutane. My skin is looking amazing, and I have started receiving comments about how great it’s looking. But the dryness is the worse its ever been. My lips are so raw and cracked in the corner that I can’t even open my mouth wide […]

My longest run yet!

If you remember my post from December, where I talked about getting into running I can happily report that I achieved my mini goal for running the 14km City 2 Surf run this weekend. I must say I am super proud of myself for achieving this and I came in four minutes under the time […]

February 2018 Beauty & Fashion Favourites

I feel like this year is going way too fast and can’t believe its March already…slow down 2018! February has been a crazy month, I’ve been super busy with work and doing a bit of travel, which has influenced my fashion items. My skin has also started improving, so I’ve changed up my makeup and […]

Two months in

I actually can’t believe it, I can finally see a difference in my skin. I’m no longer breaking out each day and to celebrate without jinxing myself, I haven’t had a breakout in a week and I haven’t gone that long without a spot in 12 months. Apart from the joy of the breakouts slowing […]

Getting out of your comfort zone

I feel so lucky that I got to grow up in New Zealand, but I must say I always felt like I had never really been forced out of my comfort zone and always felt a little lost at what I really wanted to do with my life. After finishing college I didn’t have a […]

January 2018 Beauty & Fashion Favourites

My January beauty and fashion favourites have been influenced by the relaxed summer month, which included a couple of holidays so I got to be nice and relaxed when it came to clothes and also put my Christmas presents to good use. Let’s start with Fashion; 1. Zara Jeans You may recognise these jeans from […]

A long weekend in Melbourne

I had never been to Melbourne before, whenever I decided to go over to Australia for a shopping trip or concert I always headed to Sydney. So when my partner said we should go to the Australian Open I jumped at the chance to finally explore Melbourne. We spent all day Saturday at the tennis, […]

My first month on Roaccutane

I can’t believe I have finished my first month on Roaccutane, it feels like it’ been a long month of dry skin and I’m counting down to when my skin will stop breaking out. At first, I started on 20mg and then after a couple of weeks doubled my dose to 40mg. Within the first couple […]

My Goals for 2018

For 2018 I wanted to set goals that are reachable and I won’t give up halfway through the year. My main focus this year is to really focus on me and really become the happy, positive, outgoing person I want to be. 1.     Eat healthier and exercise This is pretty much a generic goal for a […]

December 2017 Beauty & Fashion favourites

Overall I am really happy with my beauty and fashion favourites for December. I must say I’m pretty impressed that none of my fashion favourites are black, this is pretty big for me as its a colour I wear most days. My beauty favourites have been influenced by me starting Roaccutane as they are all […]