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We are 100 % New Zealand owned & operated.

When you are looking for new tyres for your car, ute, truck or campervan, MAI Power is your first choice tyre shop. Here at MAI Power we offer a wide range of tyre brands to suit all budgets.

Wheel Alignment

Prolong the life of your tyre investment

At MAI Power, we believe one of the most important considerations to vehicle maintenance is to ensure your wheels are correctly aligned.

The signs of misaligned wheels can be obvious because your car can feel as though it’s pulling to one side of the road, or your steering wheel is shuddering or vibrating.

Either could mean that your wheel alignment is out and it can happen gradually from everyday driving, or from incidents like hitting a curb or pothole.

Servicing and Repairs

We treat your car like it’s our very own. Our team of professionals uses only the highest quality products to fix, repair, adjust or realign. We only fix what needs to be fixed, and we guarantee each and every repair. When you come to our workshop, we tell you how we’re going to treat your vehicle before we get started, so if you have any questions – go ahead and ask. We’re here to listen.

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