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I swear every new year I come up with some new resolutions that get me super excited for the year and then I get back to work, back into my life routine and bam they are all out the window. I remember sitting at my desk back in November and really questioning 2018 and how I got to where I am in life, which isn’t really where I would like to be. In saying that though, my life is pretty damn great! I just really want more in my career!


As I sat here I remembered one of my favourite audio books I listened too when I was in Bali, which was “Girl, Wash Your Face” by Rachel Hollis, on a side note this book is amazing and honestly you have read it or listen to it! After listening to it I felt really driven and ready to tackle the world, so I decided to do a bit more research on Rachel Hollis and found out that she has a pod cast. After listening to so many of these and growing a bigger girl crush on her I came across one that was called This Daily Practice Changed my Life and Business and is about setting your goals and achieving your dreams.


After listening to this I sat down and focused on what I wanted out of my life and came up with some goals that will get me there. I feel like this is a way that will make me stick to what I want to achieve and will make 2019 a really successful year so I have decided to share some of Rachel’s tips with you below, but I still highly recommend that you check out her podcast, which I have linked below.


The first thing Rachel recommends is that you really narrow down your focus so instead of having 5-6 goals that you are working towards at one time, you break it down to one goal at a time to go with your 10 dreams that you want to achieve. To do this you need to know the difference between a dream and a goal. A dream is an idea you have, something that you think about where as a goal is when you stop hoping for your dreams and are actually working on them, as described by Rachel a dream with its work boots on haha the best description ever! Now that you know the difference it’s time for you to put your dreams down on a piece of paper.


Grab a pen and paper and now write down everything that you want to achieve in the next 10 years, how you see yourself, what you see yourself doing, you need to be specific, what is your family like, what are your days like. After you have written everything down its time to narrow down those 10 years into 10 dreams. When writing them down you need to write them down as if you have them, so be careful with your wording for example I work out every day not I’m going to work out every day. These 10 dreams need to be the ones that will get you to where you want to be and set your heart on fire. Then you need to select one of these dreams as your first goal to achieve, this is what you are going to actively pursue and work on. Make sure that your goal is specific and measurable, but it does not need to have a time limit.


Every morning you need to set yourself some time to focus on your goals and dreams, this allows you to remember what you want to achieve. Rachel recommends that during this time you write down your 10 dreams and your one goal. This will also help you add to your to do list each day and make sure you are meeting your action plan for 2019.


I would love to know how you set your goals and if you manage to achieve them each year. Also let me know if you are going to try this way xxx.

Link to the Rachel Hollis Podcast:

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