Two months in


I actually can’t believe it, I can finally see a difference in my skin. I’m no longer breaking out each day and to celebrate without jinxing myself, I haven’t had a breakout in a week and I haven’t gone that long without a spot in 12 months.

Apart from the joy of the breakouts slowing down its been a pretty tough month on Roaccutane.I keep getting nose bleeds, which from my research is caused by the drying out of the mucosal nasal passage, so nothing to really worry about. The first time it happened was when I was in Melbourne, sitting at our friend’s dinner table and it just started dripping out and now that happens on a regular basis.

My lips have also been so dry! The corner of my mouth has been slightly bleeding from all the cracks and to top it off I had to go to the dentist for a checkup and it was so painful trying to open up my mouth. I could feel every little tear.


I also got my first sunburn on Roaccutane, which 100% was my fault. I went down to Tumbledown Bay with my friends on a windy day, so was in jeans and a jumper but wore jandals and my poor feet so hammered by the not visible sun and required a lot of aloe vera that night.

Another annoying thing that has started happening is that I keep getting blisters on my feet. I haven’t had blisters in years and now it doesn’t matter what shoe I wear I will get one. Even if they are flat shoes that I have had for years I will still get one. So at the moment, I am trying to just wear flat shoes that I can wear socks with to try and stop it from happening.

Even though there have been a few downsides this month, I am super happy to finally be noticing a difference in my skin. Heres hoping that its finally on it way to being clear and no large painful pimples will pop up for a longtime. xx

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